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Kurtis Sweeting has been a CPGA Professional for 14 years. In that time he has helped countless golfers become a better player. 

Using the Trackman, Kurtis can analyze your swing completely as well as show you visually your swing frame by frame and against that of a tour pro. 

Each lesson is recorded and a report is generated for the student to review and learn from. 

Kurtis's passion for helping golfers improve has allowed him to learn how to adapted to any limits and help golfers reach their goals. 

Sweeting's Custom Clubs and Repairs also offers indoor lessons during winter months. 

Lesson Rates

1 Hour Lesson with Trackman - $65.00

Series of 3 Lessons - $150.00

Series of 5 Lessons - $250.00

We also offer Custom Lesson Plans.

Please contact for more information.