Golf Clubs

Sweeting's Custom Clubs and Repairs is proud to offer a full range of Golf Equipment options. From boutique golf brands such as KZG, Miura and Vega to value brands such as Swing Science and everything in between. 

Featured Brands



KZG is unquestionably the leader in custom golf equipment. By partnering with the top Professional ClubFitters in the world, KZG is able to offer golf equipment that simply cannot be beat.

Sweeting's Custom Clubs and Repairs is proud to offer KZG golf equipment, contact us to set up your club fitting!


Miura Golf of Japan 

Miura Golf of Japan makes the world's finest forged golf clubs, designed and manufactured by patriarch and club expert Katsuhiro Miura with the help of his sons Yoshitaka and Shinei, whom he trained.


Vega Golf 

Vega has worked tirelessly in pursuit of the perfect golf club. 


Swing Science 

Swing Science prides itself in having a highly diverse product mix so that it can meet the needs of golfers of all skill levels. To this extent, the company introduced its own brand of composite shafts in 2005 and over the past decade they have become the business’s #1 selling line of graphite shafts by unit volume. Today, Swing Science offers a full line of golf club components (heads, shafts and grips) for both the beginning and intermediate level players and offer some of the best values in golf.

Other Brands